A game of double exposure

Double exposure is a game like photography itself. In the beginning, I found it complex because I never knew the result, and now I love its infinity. It provides possibilities for endless play, exits beyond the single frame and gives multiple moments in a unique image. With a single frame it can display the subject and the object or several different characteristics present in a motive. As in the example of the portrait of Dimitrije Popović, eminent Croatian painter, sculptor, philosopher and writer. The portraits were taken in his studio while he was working on the series entiteled ‘Kafka’s Metamorphosis’. Dimitrije Popović interprets Kafka’s work not as pure fantasy but as an unsettling reality, a tragic illustration of the human condition. The same pluralistic approach is found in the painters portraits in which it is hard to discern where Kafka begins and Popović ends.


Dimitrije Popović, painter

Toni Sala, writer

Marko Tomaš, writer

Arijana Čulina, actress

Fashion show, eNVy room

Igor Galaš, fashion designer

Mate Mišo Kovač, singer

Slaven Bilić, football coach and ex-player