Fighting for Zagreb

On Sunday, May 16th 2021, Tomislav Tomašević („Možemo!“/“We can!“), Croatian politician and activist won 45% of votes in the first round of elections for the mayor of Zagreb making him a likely winner of the second round. Tomašević announced a change in the model of running the city, post-earthquake reconstruction and Zagreb’s transformation into a green, sustainable and efficient city.

As one of the leaders of „Green Action“ in July 2010 he was one of the loudest opponents of the construction of an underground garage and building complex in the heart of Zagreb city center. The protest resulted in more then 150 arrests but despite strong criticism from residents and architects, the complex was finally built. The protests also showed a strong opposition towards the Zagreb mayor at the time – the now deceased Milan Bandić. Among the protesters there were prominent actors, journalists and public figures.

18 May 2021 – All rights reserved

Tomislav Tomašević

Urša Raukar


Teodor Celakoski

Josip Kregar




Neva Tolle

Vilim Matula, Davor Bernardić, Boris Šprem

Davor Bernardić, Boris Šprem