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Early Sunday morning, March 22nd at 6:23 am, during the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in Croatia, Zagreb was struck by the strongest earthquake in 140 years. The European seismological agency declared the earthquake measured 5.3 on the Richter scale and struck a wide area north of the capital. Power was cut as people ran out of their homes. A young girl lost her life and more then 7000 buildings in Zagreb were severely damaged. People were gathering in the streets scared to be inside in case the earthquake repeats. People were subject to a complete panic because of the dual threat that was upon them: on one side they were directed to stay at home as a restrictive measure of the epidemic prevention; and on the other side they had to leave their premisses becuase of the fear of more tremblings to come. In the next few days, Zagreb was effected by 70 smaller earthquakes.
A wool heart appears on one of the cracked buildings, an installation by artist, and becomes a symbol of hope and messages that the city will heal and rebuild. A message that is reported all over the world and can be interpreted on a much global level.
The Zagreb cathedral was also badly damaged. One tower collapsed and the other was so damaged that it had to be demolished. Demolition of the north tower was carried out by a controlled explosion of dynamite and took place at 108 meters in height.

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