The 70th Hanžeković Memorial

Held since 1951, it is the oldest sports event in Croatia and honors the tragically deceased athlete Boris Hanžeković. Neither war nor politics, nor financial problems, nor the Covid-19 epidemic have stood in its way for 70 years. Even today, when the sporting world is more uncertain than ever, athletics continue to live on the coasts of the Sava river. The 70th edition of the Hanžeković Memorial will be held under this year’s competition slogan “Serbus Hanžek moj”. Through all those years, the popular Hanžek became a symbol of Zagreb.

17 September, 2020

Lazar Anić

Taliyah Brooks

Khaddi Sagnia won in the Long Jump Woman

Daniel Rowden won the 800 Metres Man race

Marin Premeru

Sandra Perković won the Discus Throw                                                                        Daniel Stahl won the Discus Throw

Michael Rodgers won the 100 Metres Men race

Wilhem Belocian won the 110 Metres Hurdles Men race

Nadia Power won the 800 Metre Women race

American Ryan Crouser winer of the 6th Ivan Ivancic Memorial and sets meeting record 22,74

David Storl